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Linkedin headshot

 My clients want their photographs to show their expertise, unique talents, integrities, and genuine personalities.   Next time you examine your LinkedIn photo, please evaluate whether your photo reflects qualities mentioned above.  


Social Media Photoshoot

Keeping up with social media is not easy task.  It requires commitment and could end up taking up lots of  your time everyday.  Why not asking photographers lighten up your workload?  

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Apparel commercial photoshoot

There are approximately 20 million eCommerce online stores around the world today according to Quora website.  In order to set your store apart from others,  you need to have great reviews, great products and also compelling images ( videos ) which gravitate consumers' attention.  


Beautiful Things



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Two sisters

Diana's girls are adorable and inseparable.  One is little shy, the other is not afraid of posing in front of a camera.. They argue for different point of views once a while,  but they love and respect one another...    


Ten year Anniversary

We have recorded these young beautiful teens pictures for ten years.  Every Christmas, they have have done modeling for their parents' annual company Christmas cards!  Can you guess what they do for a living?   Each year it gets little easier to take pictures of them than the year before... I can't believe that the oldest one is a freshman at an university in LA... Do you want to see how they used to look like ten years ago?